Copy Trading

It's all about the name – Copy trading simplifies the process by allowing you to mirror another trader's actions.

It's all about the name – Copy trading simplifies the process by allowing you to mirror another trader's actions. You determine the investment amount and effortlessly replicate their every move in real-time. When the chosen trader executes a trade, your account follows suit automatically. There's no need for you to intervene in the trades, and you reap the same returns as the trader you're emulating. Importantly, you don't require extensive knowledge of financial markets to participate!

Copy Trading is both a product and a service, catering to traders and investors seeking opportunities in cryptocurrency trading. It enables you to copy the trades of multiple expert traders while also allowing investors to follow your trades – a valuable service in its own right.

With years of experience in trading traditional markets and recent success in cryptocurrency trading, we initially sought to manage a portfolio of coins for everyone in a single account. However, we soon realized that fund segregation and individual control were essential, especially for external investors. Upon discovering the lack of a copy trading mechanism in the cryptocurrency market, we embarked on this project.

Despite numerous challenges and obstacles, our dedication to the project remains unwavering. While the service continues to evolve and improve daily, we actively connect traders and investors for mutual benefit in cryptocurrency trading and investing.

The history of copy trading dates back to 2005 when traders began copying specific algorithms developed through automated trading. Brokers recognized the potential of systems that allowed anyone linked to a trader to automatically replicate their trades, eliminating the need for constant monitoring of email signals or trading chat rooms. Out of this, services emerged that allowed traders to link their personal accounts to a platform, eliminating the need to reveal their specific strategies. The popularity of copy trading has since surged.

One in three individuals find traditional stock market approaches overly complex and see simplification through automatic following of traders. One in four investors expressed interest in copy trading last year.

Here's how the copying process works: As an investor, you simply select one or more experts to copy trades from. Once you've signed up, that's the only action required on your part.

Once you've completed the above steps, you're good to go. There's no need to run any codes or manually input signals. Our software handles trade replication automatically on your behalf. We monitor the trading activity of your chosen experts and execute trades as soon as they do. The only thing you need to ensure is that you have sufficient funds available in your trading account. When the expert closes a position, your position is automatically closed as well.